Week 1 Blog Assignment: Introductions

For your first blog assignment of the semester, I would like you to spend a bit of time getting to know each other.  Please share some basic information about yourself, such as your name, where you are from, your major and year, and some of your hobbies.  Also please explain why you decided to take a film course and tell us your three favorite and three least favorite films.

To post your blog entry, make sure you are logged in to WordPress, and select the new post option on the top right of the window next to your name.  Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions, but WordPress is very user-friendly, so I am sure you will get up to speed quickly.


10 thoughts on “Week 1 Blog Assignment: Introductions

  1. Hi! My name is Natalie Foster. I’m from Tampa, Florida and I am a Freshman here at UF. Right now I am a Business Administration major. I love so many movies, Titanic, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Wizard of Oz are three of my favorites. Three of my least favorite movies are Avatar, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Everything Must Go. I’ve always loved movies so I’m really excited to learn more about the directors and different styles of films, plus I just love watching movies! Really looking forward to this class!

  2. Hi. My name is Abe Ser, and I’m from Miami Beach, Florida. I am a freshman currently majoring in business administration and minoring in journalism and communications. I grew up as an avid movie watcher, especially with classic movies, and that inspired me to take this film analysis class. Although it was extremely difficult to choose three of my favorite movies, I think that they are The Third Man, Vertigo, and Dr. Strangelove. Equally tough is choosing from my least favorite movies, but i’d have to go with Ghost Rider, Battleship, and any of the Twilight movies. I’m super excited to learn more about film, specifically about the writing and storyboarding of films, and how to get a simple idea onto the big screen.

  3. Hello! My name is Erin Cinney. I’m from St. Augustine, Florida, but originally from Albany, New York. I’m a freshman majoring in English here at UF. I’m in love with watching movies and was so excited when I signed up to take this class. I look forward to learning about the process that takes place in making a film. Three of my favorite movies are The Sandlot, Crazy Stupid Love, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. My three least favorite movies are Divorce Invitation, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. I’m really excited about taking film analysis and learning more about movie making!

  4. My name is Brodie Popovic, from Port Orange, Florida (That tiny town near Daytona). I am, for better or for worse, a freshman. I’m majoring in Physics, but am taking this class because I do enjoy movies, although I enjoy critiquing them more. My favourite movies are Serenity (because of Joss Whedon and Firefly), Blade Runner, and The Shining. The worst movies would be harder to decide, but I agree with Abe, BattleShip is up there, along with The Room, and Ghost Rider 2. I’m looking forward to learning about the techniques behind the films, like CG versus analogue effects (The new The Thing against John Carpenter’s). Going to be a good class.

  5. Hey guys! My name is Nicholas Garcia and I’m a freshman psychology major from Miami, Florida. To name a few, some of my hobbies include playing sports, reading and traveling. At a young age, however, one of my biggest hobbies was always watching movies. I decided to take this film class because I wanted to further understand the full movie experience as well as each film’s unique message. My three favorite movies are definitely Raiders of the Lost Ark, No Country for Old Men and Silver Linings Playbook. My three least favorite movies are Syriana, Batman and Robin and Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2. I’m really looking forward to this class and I hope we all have a great semester!

  6. Hi All,

    If you’ve left your bio in the comments, please go ahead and copy it as a new post. If you’ve sent me your information, you should have author permission, which means you are allowed to make new posts on the blog and should be doing so for your posts each week.

  7. Hi! My name is Rebecca Jenetopulos and I am from Miami, Florida. I am currently a Sophomore on the pre- Nursing track. My main hobby is water polo, which I actually play here for the University of Florida’s club women’s water polo team. Going to the beach, bike riding, and working out are just a few other hobbies I have. Mainly any outdoor activity that allows me to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sun are appealing to me. My favorite three movies would have to be Crazy, Stupid, Love, Friends with Benefits, and The Matrix. In all honesty, I do prefer Romantic Comedies over almost all other genres. On the contrary, there are not to many movies I can actually say I dislike. However, I do not prefer to watch Star Wars, Confession of a Shopaholic, or Avatar. I enrolled in ENG2300 Film Analysis because it sounded very interesting and it will contribute 6,000 words toward the required 24,000 words Gordon Rule prerequisite. Learning about movies seems to me like it would be valuable information that pertains to the past, present, and even future. Growing up I would constantly watch movies with my family and friends. They have been a part of my life for entertainment as well as learning purposes. Picture films can be found in movie theaters, on the Internet, and even on our phones. It will be interesting to learn about what goes into these motion pictures that we find so intriguing, and where it all began. A lot goes into making a movie, from the script to the set to the music and more. There is more to music than what meets the naked eye. For this reason, I want to learn what it actually takes to put such a production on the big screen. (I haven’t been able to find how I can post this on the main page. For some reason it is not showing up)

  8. My name is Derek Elschner and I am a freshman, economics major from Tampa. My hobbies include pickup basketball, baseball, going to the gym and eating fast food. I decided to take Film Analysis because I love movies and would like to learn more about them, how they are made, and how every director has his trademark movie type. Three of my favorite movies are probably Coach Carter, Friday Night Lights and Wedding Crashers. I really enjoy sports movies and comedies. I will basically watch anything with Vince Vaughn. I recently googled the top 100 movies of all time and was really disappointed that I had only seen about seven of them. I hope in class we will watch older movies that I never came across. I have only been disappointed with one movie I have ever seen and that was Oblivion with Tom Cruise. The film was horribly written and was a bad spin off of the apocalypse and I would advise against spending the $1.20 to redbox it because it was that bad.

  9. Hi, my name’s Spencer and I just added your class, having some trouble trying to leave a post on the wall though, is there anything else I have to do other than confirm my following of this blog?

    • If you do not have a WordPress account, create one. Email your WordPress user name to me at tdarlington1@ufl.edu. I will send you an author invite so you can create new posts. Also send me your Twitter username so I can add you to my class list. Once you accept my invite, you should be good to go.

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