Week 1 Blog Assignment

Hi, my name is Niko Fernandez and I am a Freshman English major hoping to one day become a writer. When creating my schedule at Preview, I chose this class as soon as I discovered that it existed. Two of the things I am most passionate about are writing and watching movies. I also like to make the occasional movie and I took Film Production for two years in my high school, Belen Jesuit, in Miami, Florida. I also love reading books, and one quote that I have seen recently by George R. R. Martin embodies why: “’A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,’ said Jojen. ‘The man who never reads lives only one.’” I know that this quote specifically applies to books (and I also know that this is a quote from the Game of Thrones book series, which I have never read but possibly plan to) but it certainly is applicable to the watching of movies as well. I also played varsity baseball in high school but now that my baseball career is over, I hope to pursue these passions that I was not able to give much time to when I was an athlete. Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors and Django Unchained is likely my favorite movie. Two other films I enjoy are The Dark Knight and Inglourious Basterds . My three least favorite movies are Spring Breakers , Spider-Man 3 , and The Last Airbender .


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Blog Assignment

  1. Hi, I’m from Tampa and also went a Jesuit High School, Jesuit Tampa. I am pretty sure you guys participated in our Easter baseball tournament every year. I agree with the Dark Knight being a great movie and I think that the Batman series is a good example of how superhero comics can be a lot deeper than just, the guy saves the world and gets the girl. I love how the Dark Knight emphasizes the human condition and how good people will possibly do bad things if the situation calls for them. Looking forward to meeting you in class

  2. delschner: Yes, I actually played in that baseball tournament at your school in junior and senior year! I agree with your thoughts on the Dark Knight. What do you think about Ben Affleck being chosen to play Batman in his next film incarnation?

  3. Wow, is that really a George R. R. Martin quote? That alone almost makes me want to read the Game of Thrones, which I have also never read, but has assuredly heard and seen all the hype and excitement about it from denizens of the internet and friends.

    it’s such a great and easily applicable quote. When reading a book or watching a movie, one becomes so immersed into the world and setting of it. I’ve always believed movies and books to be a gateway to another world, another life. It’s as if I’ve gone and seen the places and people, all from reading a couple hundred pages or watching a few hours of film.

    Also super hero comics are more than just “mundane” heroics and adulation .If dug deeper, one can find the intricate backstory and details etched into the hero. Their goals, their purpose, their flaws. It all meshes together to provide wholesome storytelling and entertainment.

    Also Ben Affleck is a good and talented actor. No one knows if he’ll do good or bad as the Dark Knight of Gotham, we just have to see him try. Besides, his really fixed himself after Daredevil.

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