Week 1 Blog Assignment

Hello everyone! My name is Chris LeMaire and I was born and raised in Deerfield Beach, which is near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a freshman this year without a clear plan of what I want to major in, but, as of right now, I am an English major and I am also considering majoring in Advertising. Writing is definitely one of my passions, as is film! So, I am quite excited for this course. I grew up watching films with my father, both new and old and I look forward to peering even deeper into the captivating art we all are so often exposed to. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy taking pictures and even the occasional video with my Canon Rebel T3i. The list of my favorite films could go on for pages, so I just thought about the three films I would say that left the biggest impact on me upon my first viewing. Number one, and in no particular order, would be No Country for Old Men by the Cohen Brothers. I walked out of the film in admiration of such a fearless and intense execution of the story. My next movie is Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino, which is my favorite of his. I left the theater really just craving more. Lastly, something about the movie Taxi Driver, made it one I would never forget. Martin Scorsese created such a complex and interesting character that I was lost in. My three least favorite films are more generic. In my opinion, there is not enough CGI in the world that will make films like Transformers, GI Joe, or Spiderman 3 into anything worthwhile.


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