Hi. My name is Abe Ser, and I’m from Miami Beach, Florida. I am a freshman currently majoring in business administration and minoring in journalism and communications. I grew up as an avid movie watcher, especially with classic movies, and that inspired me to take this film analysis class. Although it was extremely difficult to choose three of my favorite movies, I think that they are The Third Man, Vertigo, and Dr. Strangelove. Equally tough is choosing from my least favorite movies, but i’d have to go with Ghost Rider, Battleship, and any of the Twilight movies. I’m super excited to learn more about film, specifically about the writing and storyboarding of films, and how to get a simple idea onto the big screen.



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  1. I would strongly agree that Ghost Rider is one of the worst action movies of all time. Anything with Nicholas Cage besides Gone in Sixty Seconds is a huge waste of time. I would also agree that the twilight series was horrible. I do not like that the winters big blockbuster is a movie targeted at teenage girls in love with Taylor Lautner instead of a good adult film.

  2. Hey man, I’m from Miami as well. I like that you’re into old movies but is that because you don’t like modern cinema or just that you think the classics are better overall? I appreciate classic movies but some of my favorite movies are fairly modern, and I’d like to hear your take on that. And I also agree that Battleship is a horrendous movie, I couldn’t sit through five minutes of it. Way to ruin a classic game AND my childhood, Universal!

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