Week 1 Blog Assignment

My name is Wesley Aldridge. I was originally born in South Carolina but moved to Mississippi when I was 2. I have lived in Mississippi for 17 years now, but just last weekend my family moved to Orlando, FL, so I guess home is located there now.

I am a sophomore Computer Engineering major. I decided to take this course because I love to watch movies and, until yesterday, have never given much thought about how they are produced. I love classes that involve writing and history, so this seemed like a good class to take to fulfill my Composition requirement.

I think I like movies so much because they allow me to experience emotions that I do not often experience, such as fear, anger, sadness, etc.

My three favorite films are probably Fried Green Tomatoes, Shutter Island, and either Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away.. I can’t decide between the two; I love them both equally.

My least favorite films are The Hangover, The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III.



One thought on “Week 1 Blog Assignment

  1. I can easily empathize with just about everything you’ve said. Well everything in the second half at least. As I myself said in my post, I was not really a big movie person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any appreciation for films and the art in the development and production.

    I also thoroughly enjoy classes with writing, it really gives an opportunity to exhibit and expand one’s writing skills. And I’m pretty sure most, if not everyone, chose this class with the gen. ed. requirements in mind.

    Your reason for liking movies has made me think why I enjoy watching them. And I realize that it’s very similar to yours. Movies provide a pathway to unrealistic yet so appealing settings and moods that one cannot simply get otherwise. They invoke such a variety of feelings that I myself don’t feel or show to often. I like movies that cause me to feel those emotions. It’s just such a human thing to want to feel those emotions.

    Also I really enjoy your final choices for favorite movies. Man those bring back memories. Instant classics in my book.

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