Week 1 Blog Assignment

Hi! My name is Rebecca Jenetopulos and I am from Miami, Florida. I am currently a Sophomore on the pre- Nursing track. My main hobby is water polo, which I actually play here for the University of Florida’s club women’s water polo team. Going to the beach, bike riding, and working out are just a few other hobbies I have. Mainly any outdoor activity that allows me to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sun are appealing to me. My favorite three movies would have to be Crazy, Stupid, Love, Friends with Benefits, and The Matrix. In all honesty, I do prefer Romantic Comedies over almost all other genres. On the contrary, there are not to many movies I can actually say I dislike. However, I do not prefer to watch Star Wars, Confession of a Shopaholic, or Avatar. I enrolled in ENG2300 Film Analysis because it sounded very interesting and it will contribute 6,000 words toward the required 24,000 words Gordon Rule prerequisite. Learning about movies seems to me like it would be valuable information that pertains to the past, present, and even future. Growing up I would constantly watch movies with my family and friends. They have been a part of my life for entertainment as well as learning purposes. Picture films can be found in movie theaters, on the Internet, and even on our phones. It will be interesting to learn about what goes into these motion pictures that we find so intriguing, and where it all began. A lot goes into making a movie, from the script to the set to the music and more. There is more to music than what meets the naked eye. For this reason, I want to learn what it actually takes to put such a production on the big screen.


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