Week 1 Blog Entry!

Hi everybody, my name is Harold Shaw. You can call me Hal, Shallow Hal, Harry, Harry Potter, Harold and Kumar, Roldy or if you want to be mean you could call me “stupid”.  I have been granted these creative nicknames from my hometown and birthplace, New Tampa, Fl.  I have lived in New Tampa ever since I… well pretty much….. came out. As a child, I always loved movies. Movies were an escape from the richly uncultured town I grew up in. The most culture our town had came mostly from uniform houses spliced by lawns and patios, and of course the neighborhood Walmart. As I grew from a little tot to a man tot, I went to Paul R. Wharton High School, but in my senior year I made a documentary of the horrible sanitation conditions and learning environment that plagued the school daily. The link to the documentary is below. However, with very little experience making movies and the poor quality Canon Powershot I got for my 15th birthday, I got a great reaction from all the kids, and even parents were telling other parents about it. Several called in to complain. This really changed my out look on the power of video, the power of cinema in general. It was the buzz of the school for a solid month. I realized that stories can be told by kids with any 11 megapixel camera, crap editing program and voice recorder. I became a filmmaker, even though rudimentary to say the least, a film maker none the less. As a kid I always thought I could never make movies because there is a group of people in some distant land called Hollywood that makes movies, and that  there are so many things to stop me. But it kicked in for me that I actually made something that people thought entertaining and creative. It made filmmaking  and attainable thing for me and that is what I will devote my life to, telling stories.  I am Harold Shaw a Film Production major, filmmaker, lover of women and fine wine, and a hopeless romantic. 

Top 3 Movies- 

1)  Sergio Leone’s The Good The Bad and The Ugly

2) Fellini’s La Dolce Vita

3) Truffaut’s The 400 Blows

Bottom 3 Movies-

1) R.I.P.D

2) Grown Ups 1&2

3) Spiderman 3




One thought on “Week 1 Blog Entry!

  1. Harold, I have never even heard of New Tampa but I have been to downtown Tampa. It sounds like an interesting place to grow up. Unlike New Tampa, I grew up in the extremely diversified city of Miami, Florida. However, movies are definitely a great way to help people understand where others come from and their unique culture. Believe it or not, you are the first film major I have come across during my time here at the University of Florida. It is a competitive field to go into, which is why I commend you for your ambition. I viewed the link you posted to the documentary you made in high school. It appeared extremely accurate and captured the disgusting truth of the sanitation conditions present in the majority of schools. Most schools pride themselves on their pristine cleanliness, when in fact what they claim is far from the truth.

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