Week 2 Blog Assignment

This will be the most open-ended blog assignment I give you this semester, so enjoy the freedom while you can!

I would like you to respond to one scene from Metropolis.  How you respond might take a variety of shapes. If you feel comfortable enough to discuss montage or mise-en-scène, great – try it out. If not, you can look at design, at events in the scene, at the role the scene plays in the film as a whole or a particular issue in the scene – it’s up to you.  All I ask is that you restrict yourself to a single scene so that you can begin to practice the kind of in-depth analysis that will ultimately be required of your essays later in the semester.

Remember, review your classmates tweets before you post.  You never know what kind of inspiration you will find there.

Please use the Blog Assignment: Week 2 category (found on the bar at the right) to categorize your post so it will be easier for me to find when I grade your entries.

Just a note – if you want to review any of the scenes from Metropolis, it’s on Netflix instant (obviously) and YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Blog Assignment

    • Your responses to other people should be a minimum of 150 words – so about half as detailed as your initial post. Remember, though, that those aren’t due until Friday night.

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