Week 1 Introductions

It’s not really first week of classes now, I was just being a giant idiot and took forever to work out the site. Regardless, here is my fashionably late intro.

My name is Jyles Cinco. Don’t know how to pronounce it? Just thing “Miles” with a J. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan, but moved down here when I started 1st grade. So I can easily say that Florida is my one true home.

I am a freshmen that is majoring in pharmacy. This class sounded really intriguing and fun to take. It also helped that my Norse Myth class was cancelled at the last second and I had this as my backup. That and the gen. ed. requirements it filled. So yeah.

To be honest, I was never a big movie person. But my dad was an avid viewer of action films, particularly ones that had any sort of martial arts and kung fu. Go figure.

My favorite movie has to be Ip Man, a movie with historical roots to Bruce Lee’s own mentor. A movie which I’ve noticed that another student has listed as their favorite as well. My second movie would be Avatar, you know the one with the giant and agile smurfs? Yeah, that one. My other favorite would have to be Forrest Gump, and, hey, who doesn’t like a bit of Gump?

My least favorites  is a bit hard to say. I’d say the Chronicles of Riddick is up there. I guess Paranormal Activity. And… Daredevil.


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