Week 1 Blog Assignment

Hi, my name’s Rachel Han, and I’m from Jacksonville.  I’m a sophomore – currently an Exploratory major following a Pre-med track.  I love singing, playing violin, playing piano, etc., basically anything music-related.  I also love to dance and choreograph, representing UF’s Anomaly Dance Crew.  I enjoy writing and art in general, and I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the art of film; I’ve chosen to take this course in order to learn more about it.

My 3 favorite films are 500 Days of Summer, The Prestige, and Another Earth.

My 3 least favorite films are The Fourth Kind, the Twilight saga, and Speed Racer.


One thought on “Week 1 Blog Assignment

  1. I wonder if you would be interested in majoring in music? I had a roommate last year who was majoring in music and then going to med school. It could work! I absolutely loved 500 Days of Summer.. in fact, I considered putting it as one of my 3 favourite films, but I decided against it. But It’s definitely up there for me! The Prestige is PHENOMENAL. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I completely forgot about it when I was making my list. I can’t remember which I liked better.. the Prestige or the Illusionist.. they were like the same movie for me. I don’t even know if I could tell them apart.

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