Week 3 Blog Assignment

Modern Times is an excellent film that falls perfectly under the category of classic Hollywood. Chaplin’s use of cross- cutting and parallel montage helped keep the viewer’s interest and attention as they become eager to know what is going to happen next. The Tramp’s attire, including his clown like shoes, is indicative of his comedic character. Clown shoes signifying an entertainer is just one example of referential form present in this film. From the beginning of Modern Times the Tramp does not perform his job up to par. This touches back a little to the film Metropolis and the unrealistic standards for humans to be equal to machines in terms of efficiency. However anything the Tramp sets out to do, he does wrong (according to society at least). This pattern found within the Tramp’s life is quite obvious to the human brain. Therefore from the commencement of the film, we as viewers expected the Tramp to fail and prevail over and over again. Even though his imperfections were a bit extreme, they may be considered representative of the human race. His flaws function in this way, while providing the audience with never ending humor. Modern Times falls under the genre of comedy- eliciting a very lax emotional response. For this reason, almost anything the Tramp does the audience finds amusing. When there were guns on screen, no one worried he was actually going to get shot and die because we knew that was not going to occur in this innocent comedic film. Our emotional response to a gun on screen would have been drastically different had we been viewing an action or horror movie. The police can be considered one of the numerous motifs present in Modern Times. The police aided in the development of the film, maintaining its fluidity, and essentially acting as the driving force from one scene to the next.


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