Beauty and the Beast

After watching the movie today, I figured out that the plot structure is a lot more complex than the pyramid that we saw in class. In other words, it seemed to me that smaller plots and resolutions rolled into larger plots and one falling action may have been a rising action for another plot. For example, when Belle’s father is faced with the conflict of whether to sacrifice himself or one of his daughters, and then him deciding to sacrifice Belle is the rising action in the Beast’s conflict whether to kill her or let her live because he loves her. Then the beasts resolution to let her live is the rising action in the conflict of whether Belle should accept his love or stray away because of the way he looks. All of this ultimately leads up to the larger conflict of whether Belle and the Beast can be together because of the way the beast looks. At this point in the larger conflict, both characters face internal conflicts where they trade rolls as the protagonist and the antagonist. Belle’s internal conflict is to accept her love for the beast or to deny him because of the way he looks and the beasts conflict is the curse that he faces because of his parents. The solution to his internal conflict is Belle’s love, more specifically the look of love from Belle that turns him into a prince.

One thing I do not understand is the resolution at the end where Belle admits that she loved her brothers friend, maybe that is a sentiment to the times but in my mind that is not a happy ending.


One thought on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. After reading your post, I realized how many plot conflicts there actually were in the film. Smaller conflicts led into larger conflicts and they lead into the film’s climax. The first conflict that started the rest of the conflicts in the movie was Belle’s father deciding to sacrifice Belle. This set off the whole chain of events that led to the Beast and Belle falling in love. I also don’t think that the ending was satisfying to the storyline. From the beginning of the movie when we saw the scene with Avenant and Belle she seems thoroughly disgusted by him and she refuses to marry him. This is why I don’t think she loved him at all. When she said she loved him I think she was saying that because she was so shocked by the transformation of the Beast into Avenant that she didn’t tell the truth.

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