Week 4 Assignment

In Beauty and the Beast, there were a lot of causes and effects to properly narrate the story. The movie started with the casual motivation of Belle asking her father for a rose. This set up the conflict between Belle and her sisters while also showing that Belle enjoys the simple things in life. Had Belle not asked her father for a rose, he never would have made the deal with the beast.

The range of Beauty and the Beast is very much unrestricted as the audience knows the whole story, but each character only knows part of it. Belle’s father does not know she is still alive, Belle’s family does not know the kindness of the beast, the beast does not know how there are people out to get him, and Belle does not know that her sisters are jealous and try to sabotage her. This allows more possibilities for resolution. The narrative style of this film set up a lot of expectations for the ending, and most of them were satisfied. Belle’s father is brought back to health when his daughter comes home to visit for a week. It is casual motivation that Belle mentions the beast is not really all that bad to her father. Also, regardless if the audience knows the story or not, it is expected that the beast grows out of his hideousness. The fact that the man who tried to kill him took on the ugliness evoked a feeling of justice. The beast is the underdog that the audience grows to accept and love throughout the movie. The fact that he turns handsome and wins Belle in the end is the happy ending that the audience expected and loved about this movie. The only conflict that was not truly resolved was what happened to Belle’s sisters after their constant struggle to strip Belle of her now glamorous life.


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