Week 4 Blog Assignment

La Belle et la Bête seemed, at first, to use a third person objective point of view, but later in the film, there is a point-of-view shot through the eyes of La Bête, which requires the point of view of the film to be categorized under third person subjective. However, the film is not mentally subjective as we know nothing of the thoughts and desires of any of the characters other than those which are spoken.

The range of the film is unrestricted through the use of parallel montage and through alternating between sequences in which Belle’s father is the main character (such as the sequence in which Belle’s father gets lost and ends up at La Bête’s house) and sequences in which Belle is the main character (nearly every sequence besides the one mentioned previously). The few scenes in which neither Belle nor her father are the main character further add to the unrestricted-ness of the range. The depth of our knowledge of the characters is very shallow; all of what we know is learned through the dialogue and actions of the characters.

I think the plot space and story space of this film are exactly the same? There were few references to places outside the plot space; the only reference to a place outside the plot space was La Bête’s reference to his palace in some far away place, but he never goes there in the story (the story ends before that happens), so I don’t think it should get included in the story space.

The time in the story remains a mystery. If I had to estimate how long the story time is, I would probably guess about 4 weeks. For the most part, the time in the story is left obscure but certainly short.

However, from the scene in which the beast turns into a human, one could infer that the story time spans way beyond the 4 week estimate because it is revealed that the beast used to be a human and was not born a beast, which implies that he probably once, too, went into Diana’s Pavilion and was turned into a beast. This would make the story time probably many years longer than 4 weeks but still an obscure amount. But this is all inferred; it is not directly given in the plot that this happened, so would it be included in the story time, do you think?


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