Week 6 Blog Post

This film is so unlike the others we’ve watched so far! It is so full of the things we’ve been talking about in class that it’s difficult to sift through it all and pick good points to mention!

Something I found played very heavily into the film was color. As I said in class, especially in the apartment scene, big pops of the same colors appear over and over again. Most common are the primary colors, red, blue and yellow; they appear on clothing, furniture, walls, bedspreads and flowers. Other than the apartment scene, I noticed one other interesting use of the colors. This was when Prokosch, the translator, Paul and Camille went back to Prokosch’s home: I noticed that Paul and Camille were dressed in similar colors, blues and grays, whereas Prokosch and his translator were dressed in yellows and reds. Also, throughout the film, in moments of passion, either good or bad, Paul and Camille were also clad in red and yellow. Perhaps the characters are costumed in colors that reflect the mood as a visual reiteration of the tone of a particular scene. Using the same colors throughout the film gives a sense of completion and unity between scenes.

To address framing a little bit, I would like to consider the scene in which Paul is on the roof when Camille and Prokosch kiss. The shot includes all three of the characters on screen at once, which is powerful both visually and emotionally. At first, I thought it would present a situation of dramatic irony, in which we would know of Camille’s adulterous ways but that Paul would find out later in some dramatic, climactic way. Instead, Camille is shown looking at Paul, essentially acknowledging his presence, and then defiantly kissing Prokosch anyway. We connect with the characters in a very real way in that moment as it really shows them as complex, dynamic characters with motivations and desires that give them humanity as opposed to only serving to drive a plot.


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