Week 7 Blog Post

My scene is the infamous Hamburgers scene from the film Pulp Fiction, a film of which that I have never fully scene. Here’s a link:


Here, we can see several uses of editing in order to provide several aspects of the scene that add further depth into an otherwise “normal” interrogation scene. This scene and the editing used really plays off the intimidation factor(although any scene with Samuel L. Jackson is intimidating). This scene utilizes many cuts that serve to demonstrate a graphic relation between shots. Especially when cutting from a close-up shot of Samuel L. Jackson’s stone-cold, serious, intimidating face to another close-up shot of the “kids'” own very fearful and tense face. This is also emphasized by Samuel L. Jackson’s domineering personality and standing position to their more docile recumbent position.

A spatial relation can also be scene when cutting from a view of behind the kids which shows off John Travolta’s character in the kitchen and to in front of the kid showing the living room. This provides a sense of what the setting looks like as a whole to viewers connecting Travolta’s otherwise distant character to the entirety of the scene.

Due to the continuity editing, the visuals onscreen maintain a consistent look and setting, especially when cutting between the couch, kitchen, and living room. This is also maintained in the continuous and consistent eye lines between characters and the central area of action and narrative by characters. Our axis of action is mostly centered around the middle of the living room, with small bits of roaming to the outside of that axis to the couch, which can be considered on the very edge of the axis. At the end of the scene, action really heightens at what would be the very center of our axis, emphasized by the cuts to Jackson’s and Travolta’s characters shooting the are between them.


One thought on “Week 7 Blog Post

  1. I have to agree with you here. The editing makes us feel conflicted. The shots are long and lack intimidation. However, the speech/ biblical quote that I have memorized from watching this movie so many times is a point in which the tension with in this scene grows. The scene develops from simple cuts of Jules looking down upon brad and brad looking up at Jules into a faster and louder pace to crescendo with furious anger. Also I have always wanted to know what was in the case if anything. The shot where the back of Jules head turns to show his face while in the speech is my favorite because I can digg the jerry curl and and the menacing face of jules as he lays down the law!

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