Week 7 Post

This might be a little out there, but since we have been watching such weird movies, I would like to share my favorite Korean film. Antique Bakery describes a wealthy man who wants to start a bakery. The “Cake Paradise” scene is near the beginning where he makes up his mind to learn about cakes. There is a fast forwarding of time to show his improvement and hard work, even though he despises cake to the point where he has to throw it up when he tastes it. The story revolves around four male characters, in which the movie connects their past to their present.

The scene is very fast paced with so much flash framing and comic book framing. It goes with the very out there theme that this movie has. Each shot is very fast, but somehow it shows how tired he is by the speediness of the events that happen to him. The first time he cooks, he fails. He tries with a lot of tasting, which makes him puke. Then he reads a lot on cakes, which makes him tired. But suddenly, he gets better. He is able to name the cakes. The flash frames and edits show the elapsed time of him learning the cakes by name.

Another thing in this scene is a lot of camera movement involving different levels. We have to focus on each part of him as he is making cake or eating it or doing what ever he is doing in this crazy scene. We see a lot of waist shots, with him cutting cake. The camera goes from one level to another and almost never stops moving. It makes the whole scene look like a dream and somehow very “trippy”.

I enjoyed this movie because it was so weird. It is definitely a film with very artistic elements. I recommend it for those with open minds. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 7 Post

  1. Wow. I must say, this is a very interesting scene. It is definitely a great montage to choose when talking about editing. Not only does the sequence show a fast progression of time, it also fantasizes the whole “art” of cake making. Making cakes quickly becomes a complex, skillful, and even magical process. Editing techniques such as wipes, superimposition, rotoscope, animation, and split screen all add to this effect. As the montage carries on, it is almost as if the characters have trouble keeping up with the fast editing. As you said, the man becomes extremely worn out and tired. The editing acts as a feeling of chaos and disorientation. It is as hard for the character to keep up as it is for us. The editing also glamorizes the cakes themselves. Montages of people’s reactions and closeups of the food entering their mouths show how delicious the desserts are. The whole effect of showing them floating in clouds in pure bliss after eating the cake lets us almost taste it for ourselves.
    This was a unique piece so thanks for sharing!! Had me laughing when the whole thing ends in a dance number haha

  2. Well, I really should of seen the amount of goofiness coming from a Korean film with that name. But I can’t help but be fascinated. The plot is just so different, and the editing applied is nothing to laugh at. It’s quite dynamic actually. The opening scene where the camera was over his shoulder then cut to the other guy’s side then cut back to his shoulder was very in your face, you know something was gonna happen. Then the, I guess, page wipe that transitions to a musical montage was so fast. The cuts are just so rapid from the first few seconds, it was like “Expostion? No, let’s cut to the chase!” It really showcased the characters flaws and ineptitude skills in baking that slowly, or extremely fast in this case, is refined to become a culinary savant. There was just so many cuts and wipes that ended with a musical number, it was overall entertaining and fun to watch and hear.

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