I chose a scene from one of my all time favorite movies, “Undisputed 3.” Although this movie did not win any Academy Awards, it is decently directed and contain some interesting editing.

The scene I chose is when Uri Boyka and the other prison fighters from around the world travel to the prison fighter championship and are introduced to the Guards. They all line up and introduce themselves. The zoomed in camera angle on the fighters faces while they introduce themselves gives the viewer no connection to these people because they are meant to be seen as monsters. The only thing you see is their face, you get no background story and along with that, no sympathy. While the fighters are introducing themselves, the camera angle switches from the blank faces of the fighters, to the blank faces of the warden who shows even less sympathy for the fighters than the viewers do. Also, the extra diegetic music emphasizes the seriousness of the scene. It speaks to the fact that no one is there to make friends, but simply to kill each other in the ring.

There is also a high camera angle scene where the line of fighters is shown from the point of view of one of the guards up above. I think this short angle was inserted just to help identify that the setting is a high security prison. The prison is set up exactly as it is meant to be, full of heartless killers.



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