The scene that stands out to me most from Mephisto was a short one but one that really impacted my view of Hendrik. The scene I’m referring to is when he is sitting on the bed with his wife (can’t remember if they’re actually married at this point). You can see her reflection in the mirror, but it’s fuzzy and really rather unimportant. It’s as if she’s in the background and the scene is really all about him, which makes sense in relation to the rest of the plot. The lighting in this scene is really incredible and it portrays Hendrik in a new, warm light (literally). The side lighting is very intense and really highlights his emotions and the expressions that he’s finally revealing somewhat passionately. Something else interesting to me about his dialogue in this scene is how he breaks the fourth wall. He is quite literally staring into the camera and gave me the feeling like he was begging for help or was actually afraid of what he was about to get involved in.

The intimate and small setting that is revealed in this scene also helps to facilitate the revealing of Hendrik’s more personal side. The viewer is able to feel more connected with him in a room that is finally not filled with grand, fancy furniture and high ceilings. Also, the close up on Hendrik’s face really makes what he’s saying seem a lot more urgent and important as opposed to if it was just a normal shot of the whole room and both characters. But it really feels as if he is bearing is soul and really wants to be heard. Although he trails off from the sincerity a little bit in a way that seems as if he has other motives, it is still a somewhat shocking scene in comparison to the styling of the rest of the scenes with Hendrik up until that point.


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