Week 9 Assignment

The scene that stood out for me the most in Mephisto was the one in which Hendrik professes his love for Barbara. This scene is undoubtedly under a minute but it proves very important to the rest of the film. The reason it stood out to me is because it is very unique compared to the rest of the film and shows a different side of Hendrik.

The lighting is natural as the two are walking in the forest on a bright day. This forest is only shown several times throughout the film which makes it stick out compared to the stage or home scenes. Hendrik is walking backwards, facing Barbara, as he tells her that he loves her. This shows that he does not know where he is going, which he also expresses verbally stating that he is an actor and has trouble distinguishing between his characters and who he really is. It also shows that he is fighting for her attention as she is walking forwards. He then falls to the ground and wraps his arms around her waist, giving her authority and showing that he loves her so much that he will gravel for her. The sound in this scene is also natural. There is not any music playing – it is just the sounds of birds in the forest.

This scene is important to the rest of the film because it shows the amount of hope and promise the couple had before all of their problems began. There is not any sign of turmoil in this part of the movie because the trouble has not struck in Berlin yet. It shows that Hendrik genuinely loved Barbara before everything went wrong. It also makes the audience feel sympathy for her when she has to leave him and also when he sleeps with Juliette. There is no other scene of real romance like this one which is what makes it so memorable.


One thought on “Week 9 Assignment

  1. The shortness of the scene really makes the emotional impact harder and makes the importance seem underplayed. Yet the scene promptly cuts away to their wedding, hastening the feeling of time the film has, which is purely confusing and unknown. Even though the scene went by really quickly, I myself really liked this scene due to the naturalistic feel it has that is mostly gone unseen throughout the rest of the film. For instance, the only other nature seen I recall is when Miklas is sent to his death by the Nazis in a forest. There, the feeling is very tense and filled with dread. But in this scene, it’s much more somber and filled with those natural sounds and due to the situation makes it feel much more joyous. All from a minute long scene, it completely contrasts from the rest of the film.

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