Django is a typical western movie in its settings, costumes, props, and theme.Theopen desert and the ghost town featured throughout are characteristic of Western movies. Also Django is wearing a cowboy hat and some boots,while the Mexicans wear sombreros, also typical Western movie apparel. When I think of western movies, I also think of guns, which there are plenty of. The theme seems to revolve around the mysterious hero overpowering the oppressors in the film.
The extra diegetic music has the simple whistling/guitar characterization of a gun duel, but at different times the music can get quite complex which separates Django from older western movies. Both Djangos have black hats, which symbolize that they are not completely good.
 The sukiyaki version immediately has the sound of a hawk, which is characteristic of western death. The settings are similar, a town in the middle of the desert. Gun fights symbolize the mighty falling at last. The music is a lot more like typical western sounds eery and bit lonely with whistles other simple sounds. Both movies seem to use a greed for gold as a motive to fight.
The costumes in the sukiyaki western Django put a twist on the Texan/Mexican dress because they are Japanese. The women are not merely objects of possession, but objects of wisdom and heroism.

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