Genre: Week 10

Watching Django and Sukiyaki Western Django, I was disturbed by both. In spaghetti westerns or sukiyaki westerns, one of the central themes is the value of death. Or the lack of value, anyways. It left me with a terribly disturbed feeling, especially how intense it was as you were laughing with some jokes in Sukiyaki Western Django. Costuming, makeup, and lighting all are very typical also. The one thing I noticed is that in both these films, the hero is not a definite good or bad while most films have clear lines between heros and villains.

Costuming and makeup was very similar to what a I saw in A Fistful of Dollars, I even thought the main character of Django was Clint Eastwood before a zoom in on his face. The special effects are all very similar, with bombs and dust effects. Sukiyaki Western Django, shares similarities to Yojimbo, like make up and of course, japanese actors. They all wear quite dark make up, I catch the men in the film wearing eyeliner to bring out expressions.

There is also blurred lines when it comes to the hero of both films. Django, in the beginning, seems to be such a heroic character. He saves the girl, saves the town, but then suddenly, he is killing for gold and becoming traitorous. We haven’t gotten to the ending of the japanese film yet, although the main character is a little less visible, as the man in white seems more of a main character. Either way, this adds to less expectations of the genre.

From watching the few westerns, the typical outline is visible. The western costuming, the deserted town with a saloon, and then there’s the problems will two feuding groups that a lone wanderer is supposed to save. Then there’s the damsel in distress. These elements are always together, no matter what. So, it’s must easier to analyze the differences.


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