The Western

Western films are probably one of the easier genres to pick out. The distinct setting and costumes alone can be used to classify the film as Western. The setting generally consists of an abandoned town in the middle of a desert. Typically these towns are quite small and tend to be run down in nature. The town consists solely of two rows of aged houses (more like bars) that run parallel to each other with a muddy dirt road in between. On the outskirts is simply empty land that serves mostly as fighting grounds. However, some slight variation may occur. We experience this almost negligible disparity in the two movies viewed today in class. Django follows more of the traditional Western setting, while Sukiyaki Western Django exhibits a more stylized backdrop.

Costumes and props also denote a Western film. The costumes found in these types of motion pictures seem to relate to that of a cowboy. The classic cowboy (almost always black) hat is always a part of the characters costumes. The hat casts a shadow on his face, giving him a mysterious front. In Django when he takes off his hat behind closed to interact with the young woman, he takes on an entirely different character- one filled with compassion rather than revenge. The props consist of their means of defense. This mostly encompasses guns and knives. In both Sukiyaki Western Django and Django, a more modern revolver aids the outnumbered man in killing several other men.

A coffin is always seen in these types of movies. This is probably due to the fact that these films pretty much center around fighting and ultimately death.

Sukiyaki Western Django is not exactly what I had expected. I actually like it better because it follows more of a narrative outline and incorporates some humor in between the endless gory scenes. The use of flashbacks also helps to follow along. On the other hand, I found Django to be just another Western film. I thought it too was relatively good, but thus far I have enjoyed Sukiyaki Western Django more.


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