Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange, um, yeah. This movie is by far the most unique, eye capturing, brain picking movie I have seen thus far. From the camera angles to the sound even the vernacular used by the characters all ties together to give you a punch of confusion and taste of, “did that just happen?”


The most noticeable editing in this film is the diagetic and extradiagetic sound use of music to display Alex’s inner thoughts and perception of reality versus what is actually occurring. The viewer is sloshed back and forward between Alex’s eerie point of view of necessary action and the violence his victims undergo. As both of these perspectives are brought together through sound it makes the current situation somewhat “tolerable” to watch.


A scene that incontrovertibly caught my attention was when Alex brought home two girls and had sexual intercourse with the both of them. He goes from one to the other to satisfying both at the same time. Then one stops to get dressed as he continues with the other, stops and undresses the other girl, as the one he was with previously starts to get dressed. He continues by undressing the second girl till both girls and Alex continue to fondle with each other. All the while there is extradiagetic music going on in the background (Beethoven which is a recurring motif) that gives the scene some sort of comical relief by its raised tempo and classical origin.


Throughout the movie there is perpetual violence seen from both sides of the characters. Along with this constant, seemingly endless brutality amongst all characters, music is used as a means of intensifying or relieving the pressure the viewer feels as they make the journey through Alex’s “transformation” or cure that at the end, well, never really occurs; I would assume by his vivid daydream and reviving desire to in-and-out without the sickness creeping back in.


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