This movie is kind of like sushi. Get it? Like an acquired taste? Not going to lie, I was kind of frustrated at the length of some scenes and the obnoxious over emphasized obsession Hendrick had for perfection. I kept trying to to find meaning for each individual scene and it wasn’t till the movie ended that I soon realized how well this film was brought together.

Throughout the movie we observed Hendrick gradually become more absorb into the theater he soon manages with minimal focusing on other characters. I believe this centralization on Hendrick only mixed in with  long scenes is what gives you that sense of, “ok, next scene please,” or “does anyone else talk in this movie?” feeling but that’s the genius of the technique! Hendrick is constantly in-and-out of character not only with the stage and its spectators but, with everyone around hes normal life as well.

We can glean vicariously the emotions of Hendrick because not only are we some what lost throughout the film, but so is he! This is noticeable through hes relationship with the prime minister and how he is more commonly called Mephisto but especially at the end, when the prime minister is shouting out his real name in a huge amphitheater open to the sky, almost metaphorically implying that not only can everyone in the theater see him, but so can the whole universe; not observe him as a character but as himself.

This last scene lets us know the that Hendrick is the real life version of Faust, a character he easily manipulates while playing Mephisto however, as a himself didn’t stand a chance against the evil, conceiving ways of the prime minister; the real Mephisto. The prime minister briefly eludes to this “soft” side of Hendrick in the movie while complementing him in his custom however, noting Hendrick’s, “soft eyes” that give away Hendricks true character.


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