Blade Runner

There were so many aspects of film noir throughout Blade Runner. The movie was filled with death and despair as seen in the set’s low key lighting and the extensive appearance of rain.

Film noir tended to have very low contrast and Blade Runner was definitely characterized by this lighting. While the outdoors were filled with lights from seen and unseen on screen, the indoors were poorly lit with what seemed to be one desk lamp or glimpses of bright light from the outside. The main sources of light were in the background and the sides, casting many shadows and often turning the characters into silhouettes. This added to the mysteriousness and haziness of the film noir. Even when Deckard was complaining to Tyrell and Rachael that it was too bright, we could barely see the characters because the sun was in the background. How ironic.

On a not so ironic note, the rain was a recurrent symbol of the bad times. Every rainy scene added to the dark and depressing mood created by the lighting. Also characteristic of film noirs, the wet streets of Blade Runner reflected the lights in the dark of the night. I want to say rain was present in every death in the movie, if the death had anything to do with the outdoors. It really helped set the mood for the claim that everyone has to die.


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