Week 11

At the beginning of Blade Runner, I thought for sure it was going to end up being my favorite of the semester. However, horror found in the latter part of the film made me debate it to some extent. It was definitely different than anything we have watched during class thus far. Without a doubt Blade Runner should be classified under the genre of film noir. Right from the beginning any viewer would notice the darkness portrayed in the scene. This dark, eerie vibe is one that is extremely typical of film noir. It remained continuous through out the entire movie while establishing an unsettling mood. Immediately following this, the second thing I noticed was all the futuristic elements this movie encompassed. The few lights this movie did have were superficial and allowed one to believe this is taking place in the future. Not to mention the flying vehicles, which almost everyone imagines when he or she envisions life in the future. Man-made people (people constructed as indestructible machines) are another aspect our society associates with the future, and in turn with film noir. The makeup done to perfection on these recreations led me to believe they were superficial in nature. The machine used to detect whether an individual was indeed a recreation or not by the dilation of the eye is futuristic in itself. The Chinese man making eyes is yet another feature of the future- human made organs. It is common for film noir to contain ideas parallel to that of German Expressionism and Blade Runner did just this. Contortions of the face are seen frequently in German Expressionism and arise during this movie. I thought the idea of one man constructing these “perfect” people was a German Expressionist thought. He rises to power due to this and people look at him essentially as his or her master, being superior to them. I enjoyed this film despite a few freaky scenes that made me cringe. Overall Blade Runner encompasses too many aspects of film noir to overlook.


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