Week 11 Blog Post

Bladerunner immediately reminded me of the city of Coruscant in Star Wars Attack of the Clones. The setting was almost identical, with the tall, geometric buildings with lots of lights, the flying vehicles, and the crowded city. After watching Blade Runner I realized how influential it was on many sci-fi and film noir movies.

The lighting of this film is very characteristic of a film noir movie. All of the lighting in this movie is low-key. This plays up contrast and accentuates shadows. The shadows were very dramatic, and you could even see the shadows of window blinds or other objects on the character’s faces. Most of the settings were very dark, with most of the lights coming from windows or buildings. The dark setting makes the film seem more mysterious and unpredictable, which contributes to the aspects of a film noir.

The music of this film contributed more to the sci-fi aspect of the film. Much of the sound was extra-diegetic and reflected the style of 80’s music when the movie came out. The music was often very loud and dramatic, which, paired with a thrilling action scene or mysterious scene, heightens emotion and makes the moment more suspenseful. Sometimes the extra-digetic music would overlap with the diegetic music. For instance, when Rachael is at Deckard’s apartment, she starts playing the piano, and then extra-diegetic music plays at the same time. The sound is this film contributed to the aspects of both sci-fi and film noir.

One aspect of the film that stood out to me was the rain. It seemed to rain a lot throughout this film. The rain gives the film a more ominous, gloomy feel and is also used as a foreshadowing mechanism. Typically, we know something bad or suspenseful is about to happen if it is raining.



2 thoughts on “Week 11 Blog Post

  1. I said the same thing about the rain. It is a sign of bad times to come. It was very apparent in Blade Runner that the rain had this symbolism. Every gloomy, violent scene had rain pouring down, putting a damper on the mood. Whether it is Deckard eating alone at a Japanese restaurant or the battle between Deckard and Roy, the rain intensified the feelings during the scenes to make them lonely and suspenseful. When I think about rain in film noir, I think of a similar gloominess of a lonely man in a trench coat walking down a rainy street at night. It gives an unsettling feeling that something bad will take place.
    The bad feeling of the rain is of course accompanied by the dark lighting and the music of the settings. If the lighting had been brighter and the music softer, we would not get the same dreary, uneasy feeling from rain.

  2. The weather definitely played a role in this film and its relation to film noir. It rained constantly and was never really sunny outside, which pays homage to the cynical nature of film noir. The rain has an effect on the mood of the film, making scenes gloomy and ominous as you said, but it also causes emotional separation amongst the characters in the scene. Rain gives the viewer a feeling that Deckard is alone, such as when he buys the alcohol from the Japanese road store. It gives the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness due to the fact that it shows separation. Deckard’s personality is also a large testament to this. His habits include drinking himself to sleep and being angry and cynical, which all help the film be categorized as film noir.

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