Week 12 Assignment

As humans, we are addicted to the rush of controlled fear. This is why amusement parks and haunted houses are so successful financially. We get the experience of being frightened while deep down knowing that we are perfectly safe. This is also the reason why horror has become such an intriguing genre in the film industry. The objectives of the movies that fall under the horror genre are to be scary or creepy. Generally, a horror is deemed successful if the viewers find themselves uncomfortable even after the movie has ended.

While watching Kurosawa’s Pulse I did not jump out of my seat, which is a feeling I usually expect from horror movies. It felt like more of a suspense film as I anticipated what would happen next but I never felt genuinely scared. It was thought provoking though as the fear registered in my mind when I thought how I would have felt if this had happened to me. That is what made this particular horror movie unique, the scary events took place in a relatable backstory.

Seeing the American take on Pulse, I can easily point out cultural differences. For example, the plot is spelled out to the viewers toward the end, which gave me the impression that the original was much more artsy in that it required the audience to think and interpret the plot themselves. There were also more gory props and “jumpy” moments which are the elements of horror that I am accustomed to. This movie made me realize how similar American horror movies are, down to the plots, the lighting, the characters’ interactions and the sound. I actually did not find this movie terrible, however when compared to Kurosawa’s version it is clear that the original had a lot more going for it to make it a better movie.


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