Spirited Away

Spirited Away was so creative and beautiful, it took my breath away. This is the second time I watched the film, and I can hardly believe that the story was drawn by hand. When watching Spirited Away, somehow live films disappointed me. Animation brings you to a whole new world that is not limited by the physical setting of a studio or acting of the cast.

When thinking of an animation, some more mature audiences believe that it is for little children and should not be touched by the older generation. Yet, Spirited Away is a film that breaks out of the children film label and instead brings mature audiences to the creativity and imagination that adult films seem to lack.

As said before, Spirited Away perfected animation in a way unimaginable. The two dimensional characters popped out of the film with the vibrant colors. The lighting, shadowing, background is done with no inconsistencies. The film looks like someone took a camera to their world and just filmed it live, with panning of the camera and use of similar techniques that would be applied to live action films.

There is a mix of hand drawing and computer effects in this animation. The clouds and the sky does not really look like the rest of the world that is drawn, but they still fit perfectly. Miyazaki bases his work mostly on hand drawn pictures, but it is so time consuming that computers definitely help with some graphic effects and the use of cels.

In a way, these movies inspires young children to not give up and be like the courageous Chihiro. It also inspires adults to continue to imagine, as with age we tend to lose some creativity. Overall, the movie was an inspiration as well as entertaining. Keep it coming, Studio Ghibli!


One thought on “Spirited Away

  1. I have to agree with you. There is something about animated films that certainly gives the audience a different experience. I too feel it is because in the world of animation, filmmakers are given a free range of creativity as they do not have think about the many problems that occur in real life films. They do not have to worry too much on production costs as it allows them to reach their full creativity on paper. Sprited Away definitely bring something more to the creativity level as the audience is transferred to a world they had never seen before. One character in particular, No Face really amazed me. I was in awe as to how the filmmakers were able to give him his transparent look. The film’s attention to detail is what makes the animation look so realistic. From its shadows to its water, Spirited Away went above and beyond to give the film and its audience a truly magical film experience.

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