Spirited Away

This was my second time watching Spirited Away, and it was even better the second time. I was able to conceptualize the ideas and themes a lot better because I had gotten over the amazement of how intricate and well done the animations are.

Something that interested me throughout the film was thinking about how young Chihiro is and how impressive the things are that she is managing to do to save her family. When reading the interview with Hayao Miyazaki, he answered a lot of the questions that were going through my head. A quote that particularly got my attention was: “This is the fault of adults; it’s adults who are in the wrong shape. Children are just mirrors, so no wonder they are in the wrong shape.” He clearly put a lot of thought into the deeper meanings of this film and it was definitely evident while watching it.

This is one of the few animated films I’ve seen and I was impressed to say the least. This hand-drawn animation really makes the possibilities limitless in terms of imagination and creativity. The bathhouse’s characters were so diverse and so unique that it really caught the viewers’ attention just simply trying to understand what the characters even were. Something else that was consistently impressive was all of the establishing shots. They were all extremely detailed and showed elaborate and quite beautiful landscapes and architecture, even though they aren’t even real places. The somewhat realistic feeling of the animation made the film seem a little bit more realistic despite how imaginative the actual plot line and characters are.

Overall, I found this to be a very quality film all-around. There was a classic underlying storyline about a young girl willing to do anything for “love,” but with a very very interesting and new twist.


2 thoughts on “Spirited Away

  1. This was also my second time watching Spirited Away and I appreciated it more this time around as well. The first time I watched it, I was actually Chihiro’s age and had to watch the second half with my parents because I was too scared. That being said, it is amazing how brave this character is at such a young age. Especially watching this a second time when older, I also agree with what you said about picking up on all of the deeper meanings in the film. It makes for a broader audience age range because while it is animated and about a young girl, the lessons learned can apply to anyone. The animation is also done beautifully. The fact that it is hand drawn and there is so much attention paid to the little details like shadows and reflections makes this movie a true piece of art.

  2. The characters in this film really stood out to me because they all had different personalities. Yubaba and Zeniba were twin sisters yet they were complete opposite in personality. Yubaba thought all humans were evil, but Zeniba sought to see the good in everyone. All of the characters were so odd and eccentric, and even disturbing at times, but I think that’s what make the film stand out. It plays to our imagination and as we wonder what those characters were. Miyazaki’s creativity in making this film was outstanding. This film was not only about the characters he created, but also the themes and messages of love, hope, bravery, and perseverance. The animation was flawless, from the bright colors, beautiful landscapes, and lighting. Every detail in each scene contributed to the magical world that Chihiro was forced into.

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