Spirited Away, its a great title

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is one of the best animation films I have ever seen. The various characters, story live, and outstanding visuals made me more curious about animation films.

Prior to watching this movie I believe animation, especially hand-drawn animation, was very rigid with low-quality and cliche themes. However, after watching Spirited Away I saw how much potential the genre of animation holds and how wonderfully Miyazaki uses this potential to get his point across to his audience.

Firstly, the visuals were incredible. Everything from the shadow of the characters and objects caused by sunlight or candle, the facial expressions of the human and non-human characters, even the glistening of the water on a sunny day. Miyazaki really out did him self with the attention to detail and large spectrum of characters. Each living being had a unique characteristic and personality that brought the movie together and makes it whole. Something very challenging to do when creating an animation film.

My favorite character was undoubtedly Chihiro. Till now i remain in shock of this littles girls maturity level and capability of shuffling multiple problems at once while keep her composure. Although the film is aimed for a younger audience, I believe it has various messages for older audiences as well. As explained in class Chihiro enters the tunnel as one person and comes out a completely different girl. It is during her time in the ghost word  that this occurs through various sequence of events.

In general I really appreciate the amount of creativity Miyazaki had to use to create this film. From the large number of characters, their appearance, role in the movie, and distinct behavior it was very pleasing to watch and take this all in. Needless to say I definitely have more of an open mind for animation films and the limitless capabilities they hold of telling a story.


4 thoughts on “Spirited Away, its a great title

  1. For me, Spirited Away was all about the animation. I recognize the value of the themes such as love and innocence and how Miyazaki represented them using the young “shojo”, but ultimately, I felt that the story was mediocre. Contrary to that, the visuals were, like you said, incredible. Attention to detail is simply phenomenal, especially the little things that take a second glance to notice, such as shadows and lighting. We really take for granted the fact that in an animated world, nothing is real: sound, people, animals, settings and lighting effects are 100% created. Every movement, every shadow that falls must be created based on something that is in reality, so that it doesn’t look awkward or unnatural. It is truly something spectacular, especially in the case of Spirited Away, in which almost everything is hand drawn, that a group of people can construct an entire world out of their imaginations and make it echo real life.

  2. The details in the animation were amazing for being a hand drawn and not all digital. The way the colors were so bright and vivid and you could see the shadows and the fine details of this scene is what made the movie so eye-catching. The personalities of each character really stood out, even though this film is mainly about Chihiro. The characters were well developed, which as you said, is hard to do in an animated film. For me this film was all about the underlying themes of love, courage, perseverance, and bravery. Chihiro was incredibly brave for a girl her age who is thrown into an entirely different world from her own, watch her parents as pigs, and forced to work. These themes make this film enjoyable for people of all ages.

  3. I think Chihiro’s maturity and the film’s themes allow the film to be appealing to all ages. Chihiro was brave in the face of danger, she showed great restraint in the face of greed, and she showed the courage to work hard and live without her parents to take care of her. She had the guts to ask her employer for what she wanted and felt she deserved, and she had the courage to befriend the outcast. She showed compassion to everyone she met, even the ones who wronged her and the ones she loved. The film makes jabs at those in life who choose to not work–“those who don’t work are turned into animals.” And I think one could argue that the film also satirized those who smoke; if you notice, the smokers in the film were the nasty frog men and the hideous witch Yubaba. None others smoked. Coincidence?

  4. It was mind blowing how much precision there was in the animation as well as the shadows and characters features. From bags under their eyes to blushy cheeks, no detail was left out. Even the large nosed lady had a grossly accurate mole on her upper lip that was gross even in an animated film. It was so brilliantly animated that even the setting and the food looked real. It was probably the best piece of animation I have ever seen and reminded me a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragonballz because of the animation style.

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