Week 13: Spirited Away

This was the first Anime film I have seen, and it did not disappoint. Although I thought that much of the movie was eccentric and somewhat disturbing, I only thought so because it is unlike any film that I’ve ever seen before, and that is what makes this movie memorable.

              What stands out to me in this film was the underlying messages and morals that this movie presents. It is symbolic of a young girl who finds her courage, strength, and perseverance to overcome all obstacles while staying true to herself. This makes the film enjoyable for not only children, but adults as well. Another theme in the movie was selfishness and greed, as the people only gave No-Face what he wanted so he would give them gold. It also emphasizes Chihiro’s kind and unselfish heart, as she didn’t want any of the gold offered to her.

                The animation was incredible, the boldness of color, the way the light created shadows and highlighted the scenes, everything blended perfectly. There was so much detail and precision of the scenery in this film that made you feel as if you were actually in that world.

                The eccentric characters had very bold personalities in this film, and one can really get a clear picture of the character’s value and demeanor. For instance, it was immediately apparent that Yubaba was very selfish and only cared about gold and money. She didn’t care if someone got in harm’s way as long as she got what she wanted. Even No-face, who hardly spoke in the film, had a personality that stood out. All he wanted to do was please Chihiro, and he did whatever it took to make her happy, offering her gold and help when she needed it.


2 thoughts on “Week 13: Spirited Away

  1. It was so cute that Chihiro had such a wholesome heart. She showed that she had a good instinct from the moment her parents decided to walk through a creepy tunnel. Although she begged her parents to turn around, they seemed to be stuck in a trance, gravitated toward the spirit world. She further proved her common sense when her parents sat down to eat food that did not belong to them. She refused to become trapped in the same gluttony of her parents, which turned out to save her life as well as theirs. Then, like you said, she refused the gold because she knew that she didn’t really need it. While everyone risked being eaten due to their greed, she stayed true to her goal to save her parents, and then Haku, which ultimately saved the spirit world from the monster’s hunger. Chihiro may have looked like a helpless girl sad to be moving away from her friends, but she proved how far her heart and gut instinct could get her in the spirit world.

  2. Oh this film is quite memorable. Even after almost a decade, this film still stands out in my mind. It had one of the most beautiful animations, backgrounds, and of course characters. With such a wide cast and range, there is surely some character that one can enjoy. They are just such a unique and eccentric bunch that its quite enjoying watching their interactions. Chihiro herself is quite humble, she does not take for herself and is always trying to help someone, going so far as travelling to distant lands. The underlying themes are quite deep and the message it sends as humble and pure as Chihiro.

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