Week 14 Assignment

Martin Scorsese’s film Hugo is a warm-hearted story about an orphan boy who discovers his purpose in life. The audience empathizes with Hugo from the start because it is learned quickly that he has lost both of his parents and is single handedly running the clocks in a train station at such a young age. It is made known how lonely he is until he meets a young girl that wants to have an adventure. Soon enough, the two become friends bonding over the fact that neither have parents. I think this was put into the film, as most children’s movies include deaths of parents, to give hope to young people that have lost their parents. It also teaches the lesson to never give up on your dreams and that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. There are many clocks and gears in the movie to represent time and the idea that many people are needed to make things possible. The key that Isabelle has to make the robot work is symbolic for the idea that her friendship is what was missing in Hugo’s life. This also holds true for Melies as the robot is his missing piece of what he believes to be a failed movie making career. Hugo is a classic kid movie because everyone, even the cold hearted characters, get what they want in the end and even more. Even though Hugo and Isabelle lost their parents, now they have each other. The animation kept the movie interesting as well because it meshed a fantasy world with a real world. This emphasized the message in the story that movies illustrate dreams on a screen. It also attempts to prove the idea that happy endings only occur in movies wrong, even though this is, in fact, just a movie.


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