Personally, I did not click with the film Hugo until the end when the plot of the story and all the mystery was revealed. Maybe it was just a terrible tuesday for me, but I immediately disliked almost all the characters except the cute old couple. Hugo annoyed me a little with his actions, as it did not make any sense why he could not have said the notebook was dear to him or just belonging to his family. Papa Georges did not make any sense to me either when he just took a notebook that did not belong to him. Even if his life is in shambles, don’t burn a book of a little kid, thief or not. I also did not understand how Isabelle and Hugo got so close all of a sudden, and why Hugo was not mad at her at first when she promised to protect the notebook. The Station Inspector was just plain annoying. Later on though, I realized that I was probably thinking too much and that each character was in the middle of developing, no matter what age, bringing us to that mental journey of finding “purpose” in the “machine” that is the world.

The film was filmed beautifully, on the other hand. Every aspect of the film enhanced the fantasy-like character of the film. A lot of the times, the movie had a soft fuzzy feel to the camera lighting and effects. When watching the film, it felt like I was watching the world in a snow globe of some kind, as Paris looked so small with the train station glowing and the clock shape the streets made. Also, speaking of Paris, it was a bit out of place for them to be speaking British english to me, or english at all. But overall, it was an experience that I liked for the ending. Not a fan of the movie, but I support it for its artistic aspects.


One thought on “Hugo

  1. Oh I felt similar feelings. I myself got quickly annoyed by the characters’ actions and personalities. Even more so when those initial feelings quickly changed within a mere transition of scenes and shots. Understandably they have some background and reason to have those characteristics and mannerisms. But for the majority of the film and several other scenes, it felt forced. But that aside, character progression is mostly visual, as most emphasized in Hugo and Papa Georges. Everyone else was way too sudden, especially the station inspector. The old couple was, well, an old couple. But while the characters can be seen as lacking, the story and visuals more than makeup for it. It was a mix of tragedy, wonder, and hope that made viewers feel a variety of emotions. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

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