Week 14: Hugo

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is a pure masterpiece and deserved all the Oscars and other awards that it received. It is definitely the best movie we have watched in class so far. This film was so heartwarming with a little mystery twisted into the plot. Although at first it seems like a children’s film, the rest of the film proves that wrong. This film captures audiences both young and old.

The 3-D picture makes the scenes so vivid with so much clarity that when the light was shining, I could often see the individual dust particles floating around. Although this is only a minor detail, it is the first I have seen in any film. The lighting was perfect, most of it imitating a bright sunny day. This made the setting seem very natural, and I felt it was very realistic of what a train station in Paris would have looked like. Some may think that the animation in the film takes away from the overall storyline, but I think it is essential to appeal to the magical aspect of the film. The magic, that one boy can change a person’s life and find his true home at the same time.

The themes in this movie such as love, hope, nostalgia, perseverance, and courage all stood out to me. Especially love, because from the beginning of the film we see the developing romances between Madame Emily and Monsieur Frick, Lisette and the Inspector, and later Isabelle and Hugo. This film celebrates nostalgia, and the message that even when we try to escape the past we can never forget it. The flashbacks in the film put the nostalgia into perspective, as we were able to witness the magic of George Méliès’s work and how he had a vision of creating films that captured audience’s imaginations. The way that Hugo persevered to find a way to fix the automotan showed that he never lost hope even when his father died and his uncle abandoned him.


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