Hugo was to say the least, a fascinating movie with a very intricate plot. What I found most interesting was the symbolism. Hugo’s journey to find the key to the automaton and all of the people he met that had an impact on his fathers life is a metaphor for the building of a character. His father was the way he was because of everything that happened and every person he met throughout his life, almost like a mathematical equation. Through Hugo’s journey to find the key he finds out more about his father and exactly why he is who he is. When you look at life in terms of the way this film does, your personality and your character is a culmination of the people you have met and the things that have happened to you in your life along the way. It is a very interesting way to look at things. That in terms of your destiny, everything is so fragile and precise that one thing that maybe did or didn’t happen can change your life completely. Also the automaton is brilliant.


One thought on “Hugo

  1. Hugo indeed had an intricate plot with some subplots tangled in between. Subplots that I now believe provide a nice relief from the intricacies and gloom of the main plot. And I never really considered the journey of life and the small things that happen to mold the person to who he is as a major theme. But it really makes sense. Throughout the film Hugo is entangled in a series of events that inevitable change him. He has transformed from the meek and dreary child that he was in the beginning of the film to a confident and friendly entertainer by the end, as most evident in his interest and doing magic and card tricks. It is quite an immense change if you think about it. And yes, the automaton was brilliant.

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