Essay 3

Those of you who missed class Friday and/or Monday missed a couple of complete class periods of discussion about how to approach the final essay. I’ve included the basics below, but you need to be sure to read chapter four of your Writing about Film text closely to gain a better understanding of the many possible critical approaches you might apply to your selected film.

Due Wednesday, December 4
2500 words (about 7.5 pages)
MLA format
Research required, including MLA works cited and in-text citations

For this essay, you will select a single film and apply a critical approach to analyze it. While you will focus on one primary approach, other approaches may overlap – for instance, if you examine Blade Runner in the context of its place in the scifi or cyberpunk genre, you will likely want to do some formal analysis that explains how films of the genre work as well as some historical analysis of where the genre was at the time the film was made and, possibly, where it has gone since.

Chapter seven of Writing about Film will be an invaluable resource in finding the best available research materials to back up your arguments.

As ever, email me if you have any questions.


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