Final Blog Post!

When I first heard that this class existed, I decided that even if I couldn’t have it for the fall semester, I would have to have it at some point in my career here at UF. I have always loved movies, even though prior to this class I didn’t even know of many of the great directors of our time (or really any time).  When I initially signed up for classes, ENG2300 was full, and I was pretty disappointed. I checked ISIS frequently, and eventually, a space opened up that fit perfectly with my schedule, and I was so excited that I tweeted “GOT FILM ANALYSIS FOR THE FALL YESSSSS”.  Needless to say, I was looking forward to this class.

As I’m sure most people were, I was expecting more mainstream films that even I, with my little knowledge of the world of film, would have heard of. At first, I thought maybe I had gotten in over my head, because I knew so little about the movies and techniques we were talking about. As I learned more and more, I became more excited to watch films and apply what I knew so that I could better understand the more subtle messages that come from mise-en-scene and sound. I find that as I re-watch movies I saw before I took this class, I am more attuned to how a film is made and how the world of the film is constructed, and I ultimately get much more out of the viewing experience.

My least favorite film was probably Yojimbo. I understand the value of watching it and comparing it to other films like A Fistful of Dollars, but I felt the storytelling was really lacking and I had trouble paying attention to it after a while. My favorites were probably La Belle et la Bete and Contempt. I really enjoyed the mise-en-scene in both films and the stories were interesting enough to keep me engaged through the whole screen time.

Thanks for an awesome semester! I learned a lot and really enjoyed listening to and reading everyone else’s comments and opinions on the films!


One thought on “Final Blog Post!

  1. I agree about the excitement over getting a seat in this class! I also was expecting more mainstream movies and looked at past syllabi and saw that they were all familiar names. However the majority of these films were foreign to me also and it made me automatically assume that they weren’t being to be that good just because they weren’t classics. However that was obviously a naïve assumption and I can’t even believe I thought that at one point. I have learned to see films completely differently also, to the point where it’s hard not to analyze it when I’m watching them. I agree with your film choices as well; mise-en-scene is something that is very important to me as well as the general “feeling” that a movie gives me as I’m watching it. this class helped me decode that general “feeling” and understand why I like and dislike certain films.

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