Final Blog Post

Before taking this class, I felt as though I had seen if not heard about almost every movie out there. Thankfully, I am not as small minded about the film industry as I had been. This course has given me a new appreciation for the making and analyzing of films. I had not realized how much work went into the entire behind the scenes stuff, but now I will probably end up watching that part of the DVD extras. I was also under the impression that there would be more critiquing of films and their success. I am much happier that instead we broke down the elements of movie making and got to explore what added or took away from the overall feeling of the film. I am also grateful as this class encouraged me to watch movies I would not have seen otherwise, including all of the foreign films and a few of the silent films.

My least favorite movie would have to be Mephisto. I know a lot of people would disagree with this and I can understand why, but personally I did not find it enjoyable. Partially because the movie was only comprehensible through subtitles as I would write a tweet and miss vital parts of the plot, I found it hard to follow. The ending was brilliant though.

It is hard to choose a favorite movie because there were several that we watched that I really enjoyed. I would have to pick either Hugo or Spirited Away. I adore kid movies and especially after seeing how much time and work went into the making of these – I appreciate them that much more.

This class was most enjoyable and if I could I would definitely take it again.


2 thoughts on “Final Blog Post

  1. When I looked at the list of films for this class, it came to my surprise that I had never seen any of them and only recognized the titles of two films. I didn’t realize how many different genres of film existed and the expanse of time through which films evolved from the 1920’s to now. I also disliked Mephisto because the plot was boring and I didn’t get what was happening most of time. This probably had to do with the subtitles and I thought the ending was a letdown as well. My favorite film was also Hugo, because I love children’s films and it made me nostalgic of my own childhood. I thought Hugo was really magical and with the 3-D effects it definitely made it more enjoyable to watch. I also liked how the film included Georges Méliès because after learning about him in the beginning of his class I really got to appreciate the art of his films.

  2. I am also definitely going to start watching the DVD extras also because since taking this class I have a new-found interest in what went on behind the scenes and with all of the actors and directors. This is something that I would’ve considered before, but maybe gotten bored with and not been able to understand as well before watching this class. I really enjoyed the kids’ movies that we watched also because I adore them as well. Hugo and Spirited Away are two very different kids’ films that I would’ve probably never watched otherwise and are definitely not similar to many other kids’ movies that I’ve seen. I wouldn’t have seen the foreign films or silent films either because I tend to go with more films just from one specific genre. This class broadened my horizons and has encouraged me to seek out different types of films from different places.

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