Final Blog Post

I took Film classes throughout high school and this class was my first choice when creating my schedule for my first semester here in college. Although everything we learned did enhance my perceptiveness to film techniques and such, what I value most of the many things I will take away from this class is the broad scope of films we watched. I was introduced to many directors whose films I am now eager to watch more of: from Kubrick to Godard to Scorsese. Being introduced to some of their films specifically prompted me to write about other works of theirs in two of my papers, and writing those papers was for me a fulfilling experience. I am eager to take more film classes during my time here at UF.

My favorite film is hard to choose, so I will name my several favorites: A Clockwork Orange (which I had previously seen but had a good time analyzing it in class), Contempt, Yojimbo, and I very much enjoyed comparing the three variations of Django.

Although I did not stay in class for yesterday’s screening, I suspect that Tree of Life would have been my least favorite film, solely based on the excruciatingly boring clip we briefly watched today. But of all the other films, I pick the American Pulse as my least favorite, for obvious reasons. Not so obviously, I disliked Beauty and the Beast for its loose ends, which is disappointing because I always have seen myself as a fan of surrealism; now I am unsure about that.

All in all, I immensely enjoyed this class. I am very happy that I chose it—so much so that I am sad that I did not end up waiting to take this class during a later semester, because regarding my future prospective courses, #ENG2300 is going to be hard to outdo.


One thought on “Final Blog Post

  1. I too have a lot to thank this class for. As it has for you, the course has instilled a much deeper interest in film auteurs. I knew of many of whom we had watched in class, but I found myself digging into a much larger variety of filmmakers. I was constantly doing research, finding films on my own, and then digging into Netflix, amazon prime, and library west to watch them. I have to admit, I watched over 70 films this semester (which I know is crazy), but this class really formed this passion in me. I would love to one day find myself in the industry, whether working creatively or simply writing critically (I also really enjoyed the challenge of our three essays and I learned so much through research)
    I would say to you, that I feel like it’s a little off to straight up call Tree of Life your least favorite film based on a whole 3 minutes. Not that it’s my favorite film by any means, (I barely remember it as I saw it in theaters) but I don’t know how you could judge anything off of what you saw. I actually found that scene visually interesting and intriguing! But that’s just me.

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