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When I first signed up for this class, the movies I expected to watch were more along the lines of “The Godfather”, “Schindler’s List”, and “The Titanic”, but that was not the reality. At first watching movies that were silent, in a different language, or more than forty years old did not interest me, but looking back now I learned a lot. I enjoyed learning about the origins of silent films, Japanese Westerns and Film noir. My least favorite movie would probably be “Pulse”. It was more entertaining than some of the films we watched just because it was more modern and Kristen Bell was in it, but it was a terrible movie. Any film with Kristen Bell as their A list actor will not be academy award material but this film was just bad. It started with the plot which was preposterous. A horror film where a computer program kills people is probably the worst foundation for horror that I have ever heard. People were dropping like flies and the only reason it was slightly entertaining was because it was comical.

My favorite film we watched in class was definitely “A Clockwork Orange.” I was enthralled throughout that entire film and I really enjoyed the thematic elements of the film. The moral battle over taking away someones free will is always something that interests me and that costumes and character attitudes gave the film an eerie feel that kept me attentive. I also enjoyed the self narration which made the movie a lot more creepy and scary.

I really enjoyed this class and even though it was a little difficult for me to remember to post on the blog, I feel like I learned a lot. I learned a new way to watch movies, with an analytical approach with both the thematic elements and the elements of the structure of the film. I would recommend this class to a friend.


2 thoughts on “Final Blog Post

  1. I must admit that going into this class I thought the same thing- that we were going to be watching movies like “Titanic.” At the beginning I too was not a fan of all the silent, foreign films we would view in class. At the time I was impartial to them, thinking that they were just mediocre. Now when I take a minute to look back at the movies we watched at the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say that they served as a great foundation for everything this class has taught me.
    I am not sure I would go as far to say that “A Clockwork Orange” was my favorite movie, but it definitely did provide a large amount of entertainment. Not only was the film amusing, but also the plot was one that is bound to keep the attention of the audience. The self-narration did in fact enhance the creepiness of the motion picture. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend as well.

  2. Completely agree with you. I entered thinking that if we were gonna watch silent films, I would not enjoy it. But unexpectedly and wonderfully, I did enjoy watching them.I thought they were probably even better than some of the later ones we would watch. But not only were they pretty decent films, but it was also a solid foundation to start in class. I can even go to say that each film, no matter how horribly cheesy or boring some were to some people, each gave some lesson on what we were going over the time. Now I will definitely use the knowledge I’ve gained here to further my future viewing experience.

    Clockwork Orange has been a film I’ve heard about both respectfully and notoriously, and now I see why. Despite the gruesome and cruel material onscreen, the story and techniques used really kept my attention.

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