Final Post

Although I have always considered myself a cinephile, this course has widened my appreciation for other elements of the art. For example, I have come to acknowledge sound as a more crucial aspect of film. Once believing sound was nothing more than an enhancement of what it is the image is communicating, I now see sound as having its own profound effect. A moment that comes to mind is when we watched an excerpt from Halloween in class with and without sound. What a crucial role sound played here to create the mood so important to the horror. I also came to better appreciate the role genre plays in explaining a film. Although I have held to my belief that a film can be pretty much independent from any genre association, I now see the cultural and critical importance of categorizing films that are readily classifiable.

In terms of a favorite film, what seems most memorable to me is Contempt. I think I picked up on more important cinematic concepts here than I did in any other film. Although I was already familiar with Godard, Contempt was a film that I might not have ever seen, and the unique aspects of his cinematography and staging are techniques I do not see myself ever forgetting. To name some other films just for the sake of relaying my general enjoyment of them, Modern Times, Hugo, and Spirited Away quickly come to mind.

Least favorite is a little more challenging. Obviously, the American version of Pulse is an easy response. As I mentioned in class, I personally did not care for Rosemary’s Baby. I enjoy many aspects of the horror genre, but this film basically took every aspect I don’t care for and compiled it into one film. I didn’t like the satanic realism, the odd imagery, or the discomforting ending. But I can definitely notice the film’s general achievements.

All in all, it’s been a great semester. Definitely my favorite class so far, and I look forward to further studying film here in the future.


3 thoughts on “Final Post

  1. I agree with your views on Contempt. I found it very memorable as well, and it not only served as a great film but also to introduce me to Godard, whom I was not familiar with previously. I look forward to watching Breathless and some of his other works.

    I see what you mean when it comes to Rosemary’s Baby, but I think it is actually an excellent horror film. This is because it left me truly creeped out when I walked out of that particular screening, and I had some nightmares for a couple of nights after that. To me, that’s horror at its best.

  2. And I would probably call myself the inverse of you initially. I was never one for cinema or a huge film buff. But taking this class has really broadened my mind to film. For instance, moments of sound, extra-diegetic or not, will now be understood and viewed more attentively in my future viewings of films and how profound its effects will be. A lesson from both Kairo and Pulse, which was horrible overrated in the use of jump cuts and extra-diegetic sounds. And I must say, while Contempt was not in the top of my list of favorite movies we have viewed, it is the most memorable. It has really made me aware of the techniques of cinematography used in film and their effects. Really, I am gonna appreciate and view the film art much more closely from now on.

  3. It’s been a great semester with you Chris! In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have watched any of the films seen in class if it wasn’t for ENG2300. Deciding to take this class has probably been the best decision I’ve made in my small time here at UF. It seems with every movie we watched, the class got a better understanding of the intricacies and true art that is employed in each film. As you mentioned, Contempt was certainly a film to learn from. With its unique camera work, I too will never forget how much detail goes in to making a great film.

    This class has certainly taught us a lot. As many of us have mentioned before, this class has given us a new perspective on film as a whole. As we continue to watch the movies we love, we will always keep these important concepts in mind. It’s been a pleasure reading your posts and best of luck!

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