The Last Hurrah

I’ve been trying to get a seat in this class for 3 semesters now and all I really knew about it was that it was called Film Analysis. I knew I loved films and I loved analyzing things, so how perfect, right? Well it was definitely not what I was expecting, although I had already taken a film class at my high school that had some overlap. I was very glad to see some films again, such as Metropolis (which I probably never would’ve given a second chance on my own). But I really did get a lot more out of it from watching it a second time. I learned a lot more about mise-en-scene as well as technical details that I wasn’t aware of before.

My favorite film of the semester (that I hadn’t seen) was Contempt. Seeing more of the French new wave genre made me realize how much I enjoy it and I intend to see other films similar. Watching this movie in class also gave me a different perspective because I wasn’t watching it purely for entertainment purposes. I found throughout the semester that being critical of the movie and analyzing it really makes the experience completely different. I learned to view movies from a more objective perspective if necessary.

My least favorite film was probably Yojimbo. This may be because I really am not a huge fan of western films, but it really just felt like it was dragging on to me. I felt the urge to make fun of everything because of how predictable it was and that isn’t something that I look forward to in a movie. I’m glad I’ve experienced some western films, but I surely will not be watching any more.

All in all, I really enjoyed this class. Remembering to do the blog posts was a struggle, but that’s nothing personal to this class. I liked the diversity of the class and how much input was given from everybody (although I never really spoke up because you guys are like…really intelligent in the land of movies). I’m sad this class is over!

Good times, gang.


One thought on “The Last Hurrah

  1. I also had different expectations of this class because I didn’t think we would watch such a broad range and contrasting genres of film; everything from Charlie Chaplin to Japanese Westerns. Still, like you said, I have learned so much about the technical aspects of film and have a greater appreciation for film in general. I thought it was interesting that Contempt was one of your favorite films because it was one of my least favorite. I thought the plot was rather boring, confusing, and dragged on too much. But I do have to agree the technical aspects of the film such as lighting and camerawork were unlike any of the films I have seen. I also disliked Yojimbo because of the lack of suspense and predictability. I am not a huge fan of westerns or Japanese films either, so that also turned my interest away from the beginning.

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