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After taking this class, I have learned that there are many different techniques of film making such as lighting and camera-work that I have never thought about before when I’ve watched a movie. This class has made me appreciate not only the fact that films are entertaining, but its what goes on behind the scenes that is what makes a film unique. I have a new perspective of films, and I actually pay attention to all the fine details of films and aspects of mise-en-scene.

My favorite film that we watched this semester was Hugo. This film was heart-warming and it made me nostalgic of my childhood; at a time when I could be whoever I wanted and have adventures without a care in the world. I loved the fact that this film also had historical relevance to George Méliès and actually showed footage from many of his films. Since we had learned about silent film in the beginning of the semester, Hugo helped me to have a greater appreciation and admiration of silent film.

My least favorite film was Yojimbo. I thought this film was very boring and the plot was unnecessarily dragged out most of the time. Also, the fact that it was in Japanese was distracting and made it harder to watch. I am not a big fan of western or Japanese films, so it was hard to pay attention to this movie.

I’ll admit this class wasn’t what I expected. I thought we would watch more mainstream popular films, but I think that from a learning perspective, it is better to watch a wide variety of films from every genre and time period. This helped me to better appreciate films in general and realize the importance of the many elements of cinematography.



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