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Although this might sound cliche, I learned A LOT in this class. Before I would watch movies and well, just watch them. I feel that now I watch a movie, and I’m getting, or trying to get, the purpose of its creation. My favorite films were:


1. Sukiyaki Western Dkango

2. The Tree of Life (WOW is all I got for that one)

3. Spirited Away

4. Modern Times

These movies broaden not only broaden my knowledge on film but also, open my eyes to the number of different genres (sub-genres) directors play with to bring about a film.

I really found the discussion of distinct film properties and techniques before watching a movie that used them very helpful. For example, when we explored the topic of sound and its influence on its viewers and watch a Clockwork Orange. The exercise of hearing it first, then watching with no sound, then putting it together really solidified the topic to me. It also, like many other things discussed in this class, made me more aware of how different aspects of a film go together to portray its message.

I believe something that could be done different is giving more time to make a blog post. I found it hard sometimes to write it the same day right after watching the film. I believe if a little bit more time is given the class could more deeply analyze the film and write a better blog post; better responses to them as well.

Besides that I believe the class is fair overall and I am very glad I can apply it to something I love to do; watch movies. It was nice meeting everyone and having conversations on different films and what makes them stand out. Hope everyone has a great break and rest of the year!


One thought on “Last Post

  1. I like that you picked Sukiyaki Western Django as your favorite. It’s interesting to see a few people name the same film as their least favorite, and then others name it their favorite. That shows how unique and complex the film is and to me, a controversial film is always good in some respect.

    I also agree on your views of learning about sound in A Clockwork Orange, which I, too, take away as a fulfilling experience.

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