Last Words

This class was not exactly what I was expecting, although my expectations were as broad as they were vague. I imagined something more along the lines of analysing specific films, finding hidden meanings and subtext not immediately apparent. That is not what this class is, and I’m fine with that. The things we learned in Film Analysis were much more applicable and useful than what I was expecting.

The choices of films really threw me for a loop, though. I had imagined Metropolis would be on the list, Blade Runner as well, but the rest of the choices I did not really expect. Beauty And The Beast was by far and away my least favourite film, which I will not launch into a diatribe about, but I enjoyed Miyazaki, Django (gasp), and Rosemary’s Baby. For the sake of future generations of ENG2300 takers, please, please leave out Sukiyaki Western Django. It was painful.

How did Tree Of Life win, guys? No one in class seemed to want to see it, the plot was plodding, and it won over the likes of The Godfather and The Shining. What a strange upset.

All in all, though, it was a good class, and I given the opportunity to go back in time and take it again, I would (Come on, we could have watched Primer or Back To The Future instead of Tree Of Life).


One thought on “Last Words

  1. I would probably say that this class was not what I was expecting either, despite the fact that I really had no idea what to expect going into this class. I am actually glad that this class was not simply about analyzing specific films because then the take away would not have been nearly as great as it is. I think this class was structured perfectly, starting with general aspects of film and using particular films to demonstrate such qualities. This gave the class a very easy flow and I believe I am actually walking away with lessons that are applicable to the real world.
    I would have to agree about your distaste for Beauty and the Beast. This was not one of the movies I expected to dislike, but it was definitely one of the more difficult films to sit through. I did not mind Rosemary’s Baby but I would not put it on my list of favorite films viewed in this class.

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