The End

I chose to take this class at the last second because Norse Mythology got cancelled. I fumbled around ISIS to look for a suitable class, and then Film Analysis brushed across the screen. I registered for this class even though I wasn’t the biggest film buff, but man I am happy that I did. This class really exceeded my expectations and has become one of my favorite classes to have taken. This class has widened my view and appreciation for cinema, introduced me to film directors, and taught me of the intricacies of film.

What really surprised me is the depth of and variety of movies we viewed. I wasn’t expecting to watch films dating back the black-and-white silent films. And frankly I quite enjoyed those films. Really shows that older films can still hold their flair to this day.

My favorite films to have viewed in this class would have to be Blade Runner, Kairo, and Spirited Away. Blade Runner introduced me to aspects of film noir and the importance and effects of lighting in film. Kairo really showed that horror is not all about jumpscares and intensely creepy music and can really differ among nations. Spirited Away had an amazing array of animation and was a nice piece of nostalgia for me. 

Really this class was a treat. I truly enjoyed every aspect and minute of it. From now on, I’m gonna analyze each and every aspect of film when I’m watching a movie. From the techniques and effects of cinematography(As much as I disliked Contempt, it did give me that), sound, mise-en-scene, etc. I would easily recommend this anybody in need of that extra class.

This was a great class to take for my first semester and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will miss it. But hey! No more blog posts!


One thought on “The End

  1. I was also surprised at the variety of movies we had the pleasure of watching. I would have never watched a silent film had I not taken this class and I am very glad that I did. I was also pleasantly surprised at how many foreign films we watched. Watching movies in other languages with subtitles was annoying at first but after a while I found it interesting. Not only did we get to listen to other languages, but we got to compare these movies with the movies us Americans have grown up with. This was especially true when we watched both versions of Pulse. I agree that jump cuts are not the only way to make a movie scary – something I believed to be true before I took this class!

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