Last Post- Its Been Real

I chose to take this course because I needed an English credit and I love watching and analyzing movies. I thought that I might as well take a class on something i already did every time I walked into a movie theater. I was blown away by how much I didn’t know went into movies (generally I just focused on acting, storyline, lighting, and setting before the class) and how shallow my knowledge of movies really was.

My favorite films we watched were Modern Times and Spirited Away. I’d never seen a black and white or silent film before, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the Chaplin film. With Spirited Away, I had watched it as a child and enjoyed looking at it through an analytical viewpoint this time around

My least favorite films were definitely Yojimbo and The French version of Beauty and the Beast. While I recognized their cinematic merits, I just could’t really get into the stories or characters.

The thing I learned most about in the class was movie sound, both diegetic and extra-diegetic. Anytime I watch a movie now I’m always listening to the backing track and analyzing how the director is trying to frame the scene and make the audience feel.

Overall this was a very interesting and instructional class, and I walked away with a new appreciation for older movies and a newly analytical mind for film in general.

Now I can be even more annoying to my friends during movies!


3 thoughts on “Last Post- Its Been Real

  1. What blew my mind how how different it was to watch a cartoon like Spirited Away looking to analyze it and not just for entertainment. I never realized how in a animated film or a children’s film in general, everything is so exaggerated. Movements, sounds, emotions, they are all just blown out of proportion almost as a teaching mechanism. Looking back now watching movies like that definitely changes your perception of things and maybe even creates stereotypes in your head, like the pig reference for example. Movies like that are suppose to aid children and that one did just that, it was one big scare tactic on respect and the value of friendship and forgiveness. The theme I interpreted was a paranoid child was able to save her family because she was not greedy, a pig, or disrespectful and that kind of stuff stays with you as a kid.

  2. When I came into the class, I thought exactly like you. I went in just cause maybe film would be better than books, and it was an english credit with humanities and the words that I found out I didn’t need. But in the end, I have no regrets for taking this class because it was so much fun. You were hilarious in the class, just so you know. Like you I really enjoyed in the older films, and it was really interesting to analyze and see how films progressed. Spirited Away was an interesting movie always. It just had so much going on and I could not stop watching the screen as I saw just how intricate the film was. Overall, I will be the same way. Commenting on the lighting and framing when my friends watch movies with me. They already tell me to be quiet, I might just have to watch movies alone from now on.

  3. I also thought I was already annoying to watch movies with but now, oh man. Like you, I need a couple more words too to meet my Gordon rule and held it off till now because I just couldn’t sit through a regular english. However, although this class involved writing (not my strongest suit) I actually enjoyed formulating my essays and analyzing film and its various techniques and form.

    Unlike you I came into this class knowing really nothing about film. I mean, I get logical tings done by the director like certain soundtracks played at certain times and how lighting can affect the films mood (as in a horror film).

    Also, I had never seen a silent film before this class and now that I have I can really appreciate how far film has come and notice that even the smallest things in a movie make a BIG difference. From special effects to make up to advances in filming equipment.

    Like everyones been saying, after this class you definitely leave (at least with a little) different perspective on how to watch and think about a film. Can’t wait to watch movies this break and apply this knowledge!

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