The Last Blogging Crusade

At the beginning of the year, I was an incoming freshman psych major who thought it be cool to take a class analyzing film. With that glorious 24,000 word-writing requirement already met, I felt that it was important to continue analyzing and writing because they were both skills I wanted to further in college and for my career. After taking the class, I am happy to say I have achieved just that. However, I’m even happier to say that I’ve come to have a newfound sense of respect for the art of film. The class has truly taught me a lot about not just technique, but what it takes to make an amazing film that will captivate the minds of its viewers. As we all know, so much goes into to making a movie. Although it is very unlikely that I will enjoy watching every film I see, I will most certainly respect all of them because ENG2300 has taught me how much thought and process goes into making each film.

My least favorite film that we have watched was Mephisto. Although I truly enjoyed the story and the message, I was not a fan of its transitions from scene to scene as I found it very confusing. On the other hand, my favorite movie was Modern Times. Chaplain was truly a genius and definitely deserves to go down as one of greatest ever. I was amazed at how much I laughed for a movie way before my time. Comedy definitely transcends all ages. Also, although the majority of the class did not like it, I’d just like to say that I think Sukiyaki Western Django is awesome! It felt good saying that after all this time.

It was a pleasure taking this class with all of you and I wish you the best of luck in the future!


3 thoughts on “The Last Blogging Crusade

  1. Totally agree about Chaplin. What a great way to start out our year (even though it was the second film)! His comedic timing is so influential and iconic, you can really see his long term impact. I also loved the personal aspect of the film, as he was clearly trying to fight the invention of sound. It’s spoked to me as a “this is what you’ll be missing” if you switch to sound type of statement. I wonder how many more gems we would have of his if sound wasn’t ushered in so quickly.
    And I can see what you mean about Mephisto. I wouldn’t call it my least favorite. But I did find it hard to follow. You definitely have to walk into it remembering that it’s more a character study than anything else. The details don’t really matter, and neither does the time period. It’s really a film about obsession. In that sense, I enjoyed the film. But, I felt it was kinda too long and needed more editing (and that’s coming from a Malick fan).
    But, it’s been great discussing films with you and everyone else. I’m going to miss this class.

  2. I could not agree more that this class totally changed the way I analyzed a film, the watching experience is now just different. Before this class I will admit I enjoyed some movies that were just terrible, but they were entertaining and now I feel that we all have a better grasp on what a good film actually is and we have such a better grasp on how many good films there are out there. I would never have watched the Japanese version of Django but I am happy I did, just that kind of stuff. I am dedicating my Christmas break to every movie we voted on that did not get picked and good luck to you too

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